Lay Down Walk In Bathtub with Glass Screen & Door

Size: (32″W x 72″L)

This uniquely designed spacious Ella Laydown 32×72 hydro massage acrylic walk-in bathtub comes with the option of hydro massage jetting or air massage jetting. A unique centered tempered glass inward swing door with a brushed finish aluminum door frame is the centerpiece of this bathtub. Available with 2-piece, 5-piece or no faucet options, this tub is sure to be the center of attention in any bathroom. All faucet options for this tub are fast fill faucets that use ¾” supply lines (included with the faucet) as opposed to the ½” that are more commonly used. Both faucets include the retractable hand shower. ¾” supply lines offer faster fill times (up to 18 gallons per minute at ideal in-home plumbing conditions) than the ½” supply lines that are more commonly used in our competitors’ bathtubs. This low threshold step-in bathtub provides you with all the accessibility and safety of a traditional walk-in tub, while offering you the comfort and feel of a traditional bathtub. Engineered straight and narrow side walls offer unparalleled safety while maximizing interior space for your comfort.

Size: (32″W x 72″L)

Designed with your safety in mind, this tub features a wider flat floor space side to side so that you can stand closer to the wall of the tub greatly reducing your chances of slipping and tripping when standing in, showering, and entering or exiting the tub when opting not to use the unique tempered glass inward swing door with aluminum finish door frame. Available with an optional glass shower screen, this laydown walk-in bathtub is perfect for any bathroom. A 2” gravity driven drain ensures quick drain times vs. the standard 1 ½” drain typically used, so that you can exit the tub quickly and safely. This bathtub is available with Hydro or Air Massage options.

Safety Features of Ella Lay Down Tub

Straight and narrow side walls offer safer entry and exit to the tub by eliminating the curvature that standard bathtubs have, minimizing your chances of slipping while showering, standing in, or exiting and entering the bathtub.

Straight and narrow side walls offer more space side to side, allowing you to stand closer to the wall of the tubs without fear of slipping on a curved slippery surface.

Hazardous curvature becomes extremely slippery when wet, increasing risks of slipping and falling while standing in, showering, or exiting and entering the bathtub.

Traditional bathtubs have curved sidewalls decreasing your interior tub space and increasing your risk of slipping and falling.

Ella Bubbles Jetting Options

  1. Soaking – No Jets
  2. Hydro Massage
  3. Air Massage

Ella Bubbles Other Options

1. Hydro Massage System (Optional)

The hydro massage system includes a hydro pump with an in-line water heater, ecofriendly ozone sterilization, hydro massage intensity dial control, strategically positioned hydro jet system for targeted and effective massaging, and an on/off push control. The push controls are designed to rise above the deck for easier push to touch for easy on/off action.

The hydro massage intensity dial control allows you to adjust the strength of the water stream by adding more or less air into the hydro system. The in-line water heater and ozone sterilization automatically engage when the hydro massage push control is pressed down when turning on your jets.

The Ella Acrylic Laydown Walk-in Tub w/ Inward Swing Glass Door has eight (8) strategically placed hydro jets in order to deliver optimal therapeutic relief while you bathe. Feel free to compare the jetting in our competitors tubs and you will find out that this is another exclusive feature and unique feature available only in Ella’s Bubbles walk in tubs.

The ozone sterilization helps to keep your tub cleaner and clear of bacteria build-up. The in-line water heater helps to maintain the bathing temperature at constant level; however, it does not guarantee your hot water level in the water tank.

2. Air Massage System (Optional)

The air massage system includes an air pump with a 3-speed variable push control and a strategically positioned air jet system for optimal therapeutic relief.

The Ella Acrylic Laydown Walk-in Tub w/ Inward Swing Glass Door has twenty (20) air jets strategically placed in order to deliver optimal therapeutic relief while you bathe.

The air massage system also includes the auto-purge feature. This feature engages automatically 20 minutes after the pump has been turned off to purge water out of the air jet lines. The auto-purge will engage automatically and run for 120 seconds to ensure your system is clear and free of moisture and excess water helping to prevent the mildew build up.



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